Alan Saunderson:

President & SFSS Representative


Alan is the HSU’s President and SFSS  Representative. He is a 4th-year history student and intends to go work abroad after graduating. His interests are Imperial German, Gothic, and Byzantine history, though recently the Bronze Age and its collapse has become a study of fascination. He really enjoys watching video essays on youtube, and highly recommends LEMMiNO, Kurzgesagt, and Ahoy (to name a few)! Alan really enjoys involvement with cultural institutions such as museums, having worked in a few in recent years under co-op study. Alan hopes to host a lot of fun events for the HSU!

Paige Gant:
Vice President 


Paige is the Vice President of the HSU. She is in her third year, pursuing a double major in History and English. Paige loves European history, with a niche interest in the Renaissance period. She also has a great interest in Shakespeare and creative writing and plans to go to graduate school for an MFA and become an author. Paige joined the HSU to take control of her education and have a say in her department. Paige loves travelling and photography and can’t wait to travel again when it is safe to do so.

Josh Robillo

Member at Large

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Josh is a transfer student from Cap U entering his 2nd/3rd year at SFU. He is currently a member at large in the HSU and is majoring in history hoping to work in the heritage sector in the future. From a young age, Josh has always been fascinated by history delving into books related to the First and Second World Wars. His pursuit to learn more about other historical periods led him to join the HSU to meet with others with the same passion for history and also for the opportunity to make friends with the same interests.

Kiran Bola:
Member at Large


Kiran is a third-year student and a member at large. She joined the HSU because she likes planning events for other students to enjoy. Her favourite area in history is ancient civilizations, and she got interested in history because looking through the story of how the world became how it is is interesting. Her hobbies include embroidery, knitting, sewing, and reading.


Maebel Sirimanotham:
Member at Large

Maebel is a second-year student at SFU and uses the pronouns they/them. They are a Member at Large. Maebel is studying to become a history major and then go into the PDP program to become a high school Social Studies teacher. Maebel joined the HSU to meet other History students, make new friends, and have fun! Maebel discovered the HSU from the SFU club’s days and other classmates. She hopes to see you at an HSU event!

Parneet Dhillon:

Parneet Dhillon is the HSU's Secretary. She is in her third year of university and is majoring in History and a minoring in English with plans to become a high school teacher. Parneet’s favourite history course is American history. Her hobbies include cooking, reading and re-watching Pretty Little Liars.


Aliyah Kazmi:
Lower Division Representative

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Aliyah Kazmi is currently in her last year of Undergraduate study with an interdisciplinary belief and approach to education. A speaker, writer and creative, she has a particular penchant for looking at the problems in the world and conveying them through creative mediums that connect with people. With a will to create spaces of equity, equality and inclusivity, Aliyah aims to use her extensive experience in leadership roles and community activism to help others, guide and be a part of the conversations that make the world better. Oh, she also likes long walks on the beach and has a particular curiosity as to the function of a rubber duck.

Sohrab Sidhu:
Member at Large


Growing up as a young child, Sohrab possessed a deep love for anything History. Instead of reading comics or manga in elementary school, Sohrab read history novels and books. For Sohrab, it was learning about the past that intrigued him the most. After completing his high school education, upon learning that there was a History Student Union, Sohrab’s love for History only grew. To him, it was a club that he had to join. While with HSU, Sohrab was able to find other like-minded individuals within the organization. Those like him, who share the passions and desires of knowledge, debate, and humour within a historical context.

Jared Karunaharan:
Lower Division Representative


​Jared Karunaharan is the lower division representative for the history student union. He is a second-year history major with a lot of interest in Middle Eastern and Asian studies! He joined to meet new people and discuss history with his peers.

Emma Lesko:
Public Relations Officer

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​Emma Lesko is the Public Relations Officer for the History Student Union. She is in her third year of a history major and an extended French minor. She joined the HSU to meet new people and to be able to relate to others in the department. Outside of history, Emma loves to read and has danced for nearly 17 years!